LCD Monitor Repair

gotronic ltd have over 15 years of experience in the repair of monitors and displays.

monitorsCathode Ray Tubes.

LCD Screens.

Operator Interface Displays.

Colour Displays.

Monochrome Displays.

At gotronic ltd, we know the importance of displays in the workplace and we appreciate how difficult it can be to replace old displays. For this reason we have invested heavily in programmable test equipment to assist us with the repair and test of any monitors.

Any display commonly found on Industrial equipment, including Fanuc & Siemens, can be repaired by gotronic ltd.

Over the years we have built up a huge world wide database of suppliers for monitor parts. We can also source many alternative options for your monitors.

Many industrial monitors can be repaired or replaced by gotronic ltd.

When a repair is not possible we can offer to retrofit an up to date option, such as a LCD flat screen, offering improved viewing and longer machine life.

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