Servo Repair Service

motorrig1-300x243Without sufficient operation of robotic components, much of the production industry would come to a grinding halt. For this reason, it’s imperative that all Servo motors are working to optimal capacity.

Here at gotronic we’ve heavily invested in equipment, specifically designed to deliver the most comprehensive testing of Servo motors.

From electrical and insulation tests to magnetic and inductance testing, we have the facilities to identify a range of issues, providing customers with accurate diagnosis.

Our comprehensive Servo repairs include the dismantling of your Servo motor, if required. Our specialised computerised test equipment provides the facility to realign the motor commutation to the correct specifications, as outlined by the manufacturer. Correct AC brushless commutation setup is paramount.

Once all Servo motor repairs have been completed the motors are functionally tested on our motor run test gear, before leaving the workshop.

We can effectively complete Servo repairs for a wide range of manufacturers. From Fanuc and Mitsubishi to Heidenhaim and Rexroth Indramat, we can service and repair them with ease and proficiency.


If you’d like to discuss your Servo motor, contact us today on 0121 557 3837 or click here and complete our online enquiry form.