Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) Repairs


Printed Circuit Boards can be found in just about any part of any manufacturing process.

At gotronic Ltd, we have invested in Automated Test Equipment to speed up the process of repairing PCB’s.

Our test equipment allows us to fully functional test IC’s, check continuity in the tracks on circuit boards when compared with a known working board and all of this can be done without the luxury of a single circuit diagram.

With many years of experience, we have come to appreciate which parts fail regularly and as such we can make changes as a precaution to alleviate future failures.

There can be no better test for a repaired board than a full functional test, and this is why we encourage the use of custom test rigs at gotronic Ltd.

Redesign of obsolete boards is also a vital part of the service offered by gotronic Ltd. With or without circuit diagrams, we can remanufacture existing circuit boards to a superior standard, even making slight redesigns ensure longevity within the life of the PCB.

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